Car Air Conditioner Repair Miami

Has your car Air Conditioning lost its Chill? is Here to Help you!
If your car air conditioner has lost its cold temp, it is time for auto air conditioning service. The experts at our Miami mobile auto A/C service team can bring back and maintain your vehicle’s cold temp to keep you moving perfectly through the hottest Miami summers. Our car air conditioner experts can provide you with high quality service no matter the age, make, or model of your car, whether import or domestic.

If your cold had just vaporized into thin air, call us at for an A/C diagnostic service and repair.

Is your Auto Air Conditioning having these problems ?
Hot Air Blowing— commonly because of an blown compressor, low refrigerant, electrical problems, our professional technicians can quickly diagnose any electric related ac problems.
No Air Blowing— usually because of a blown fuse.
Strange Smell-– a musty or mildew odor indicates that mold or mildew is growing in the evaporator box.
Odd Noises-– A drive belt that is worn, flexed or broken, can slip causing odd noises. If it breaks, the compressor will quit working.
Call the auto repair experts at to take the heat out of auto air conditioner service, whether it’s just adding refrigerant, replacing the compressor, or checking the fuses.

Why Choose to Fix your Car AC Repair Problems?

Our Customer service is what makes us different from others– our experienced specialists can detect and deal with the problem quickly and efficiently
All cars are Unique However, our experts are highly trained to work on imported and american vehicles
Depend upon Customer’s Authorization– we will provide a detailed analysis and quote of the repair, and never perform any work without our customer’s consent.
We provide Expert Service– Our mechanics are highly trained and skilled- Our equipment and technicians meet the requirements of certification.
We are Professional Mobile Car Shop Proudly Serving Car AC Repair to all the Vehicle Owners in Miami, Florida|Kendall, Fl|Homestead, Fl and other South Florida Areas