Auto AC Repair, Miami, FL

For everyone in Miami, we understand that a properly working air conditioner can be the difference between a cool drive across town, or terrible trip to your destination. Luckily for everyone in Miami, if you’re Air Conditioner is running less than perfectly is just a brief call away. We will come and restore your air conditioner like new, and save you the misery of driving without Car AC in Miami heat.

We have the experience to resolve any issue when it comes to auto ac. At will not only fix your car AC, we can also explain to you what was wrong with it and how to avoid it down the road. We are aware that few details are as annoying as continuously returning to fix a problem you don’t comprehend, and we give you assurance that we will fix your AC problems the very first time.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Miami

If your AC in your car simply isn’t like it used to be, or is blowing hot air, you may have low refrigerant pressure. Depending upon the situation this could be as easy as refilling your system (recharge AC refrigerant) or it may indicate a leak somewhere in your car air conditioning system. Something you should do yourself is check your Compressor, Condenser, fittings and hoses for any kind of dirty or greasy build up. If there is excessive build up, you might have a refrigerant leak. Some refrigerants have an uv dye added, giving the fluid a green tint and making it simpler to spot.

Another issue to watch out for is a deteriorating compressor. When the compressor goes it can shed parts of itself and operate them through the condenser, hose pipes, accumulator and evaporator; developing an accumulation of parts and refrigerant which will quickly destroy your brand new Compressor if it is not flushed out. So if your air conditioning unit is making some strange pounding or thumping noises or makes a squealing sound when you turn it on. Call us at and we will get your car ice cold again immediately.

If your air conditioner simply needs to be refilled with Freon (the lifeblood of your AC) have no fear, can get you coasting in comfort whether your Air Conditioner utilizes the old R12 Freon or the new environmentally green R134A system.

So call Miami, FL where we will help to make sure you are comfortable and cool by getting the issue solved correctly, the First Time